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Assess MyClass Solutions is an open educational resource (OER) providing Curriculum-as-a-Service (CaaS) to assist teachers in facilitating personalized learning in the classroom. We offer curricular resources that are cloud-based, open, accommodating, and accessible across responsive modes. Our goal is to help teachers enhance, measure, and refine learning through high-quality digital activities and associated materials. Teachers may author and curate materials to customize instruction.

Teachers can be empowered to effectively address existing learning gaps among their students. To do this, they need informative tools that can help them make better decisions. Teachers should not have to wait weeks or even days to know what their students have learned. Accessing end-of-lesson or end-of-unit data will allow teachers to take immediate corrective action that will benefit students and improve instruction. Teachers can “work smarter” and keep pace with ever-increasing accountability demands through cloud-based formative assessments that provide quick-turnaround data.


Quality seatwork delivers activities to support lesson objectives. These assets should be engaging and present opportunities for students to practice concepts that have been introduced. Well designed worksheets can help students by reinforcing and refining their understanding of subject matter, leading to proficiency. As well, assets should be level appropriate, enabling students to complete them successfully, either with a peer or individually. Our seatwork solution furnishes teachers with well-constructed and accurate replications of the standards to compliment exposures to our cloud-based learning resources and media.

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